Natural cold sore treatment

Natural cold sore treatment

Natural cold sore treatmentNatural cold sore treatment

Apply & Keep On Smiling with ZyGone!


ZyGone™ Uses Natural Ingredients

Zygone™ has partnered with companies that share our commitment to produce a formulation for a cold sore treatment that truly improves people’s lives. 

All ingredients in ZyGone are sourced from ethical suppliers. For decades our partners have produced the finest liquid botanical extracts that represent the full-spectrum of the original plant. 

Only the highest quality pure plant essences are used. ZyGone’s ingredients are highly concentrated, and easy to absorb.

Rose Hips contain Vitamin C and antioxidant flavanoids, which help reduce the duration of the cold sore blistering stage.

Bee Propolis has anti-virus properties.

Aloe is commonly known to have antiseptic and antibiotic properties and is used in the treatment of cuts and abrasions.


Apply ZyGone™ Cold Sore Treatment

For best results, apply ZyGone™ at the first sign of irritation (tingling, redness, itching, or bumps).

Directions Children under 6 months: ask a doctor * shake well * apply as needed * rub in gently * wash hands before and after application * do not share this product with anyone.

May be used between outbreaks.



Glycerin 20%, alcohol, aloe barbadensis juice extract, cape aloe extract, propolis extract, rosa canina (rose hip) fruit extract, water/aqua.  

Safety Information:
Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredient in the product.


How ZyGone Got Its Start

For years I had struggled with cold sores/fever blisters. I had tried many products and could never really find the relief that I was looking for. I wanted a product that was not only effective but also that came from natural ingredients. 

Prayerfully I sought The Lord for His wisdom on what the ingredients should be. Through His inspiration and countless hours of research, ZyGone became a reality. The mission to create an effective cold sore relief was accomplished! 

I am now confident that ZyGone will help you find relief from the discomfort of cold sores/fever blisters.

Thank you Jesus!

Janice Gomes - Creator