Natural cold sore treatment

Natural cold sore treatment

Natural cold sore treatmentNatural cold sore treatment

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It Worked for Our Family

"My family has had trouble with cold sores throughout all of our lives. We’ve tried every thing out there on the shelves — until we found ZyGone™ — now my kids don’t have to worry anymore. With ZyGone™ they’re gone right away. Much sooner than any other product out there."

                                                                                                         Diane M.

Gone in 3 Days

"I am a diabetic and I started using ZyGone™ the evening of the 4th day of the onset of a cold sore, over night it started to dry up and by the 3rd day of applying ZyGone™ the scab fell off. I would recommend this product to everyone who suffers from cold sores."

                                                                                                           Ken D.

ZyGone™ Healed When Others Didn't

"I used ZyGone™ on a fever blister for which I had tried other products and every home remedy I knew of. It immediately started to dry up and improve. It was completely gone within 3 days after the first application."


25-Year Battle – Solved!

"I have struggled with cold sores for the last 25 years. Every time something new came on the market I would be the first person to try it. But I usually found the experience the same. The cold sore would run its course no matter which product I was using. A friend of mine introduced me to ZyGone™ and my experience with it was astounding. The cold sore dried up very quickly. The swelling and burning went down on the first day of use. I needed very little, and had terrific results. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who experiences returning cold sores."

                                                                                                         Kathy S.

Works Immediately

I would always get cold sores after spending some time under the hair dryer at the hair salon. Sure enough, after getting my hair colored etc..., a cold sore popped up last night and was hurting today. I just applied Zygone to the cold sore and can feel it working almost immediately. For me, it's very, very effective!

                                                                                                         Maria L.


I actually purchased extra for my friends who get cold sores so that they have something to help right away.  



Love it

I used Zygone at the beginning of a cold sore and it never even formed.  Prior to using Zygone it had taken days before a sore would dry up even with prescription meds.

                                                                                                          Penny J

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